Sample preparation lab (solid materials)

A sample preparation lab for solid materials including the following machines:

  1. Cutting Machine: Bueler, Isomet 4000 with available cutting blades for non-ferrous and ferrous materials (HV 250 – 800) as well as diamond blades for cutting ceramics and hard materials (HV >800)
  2. Mounting Press: ATM, Opal 400, with Struer, Levofast resin for sample mounting
  3. Grinding and Polishing machine: ATM, Saphire 320 with rotating disk and Rubin 500 sample holder. Available grinding paper with 220, 320, 1200, 4000 grit. Silk, neoprene and nap polishing blades and diamond solutions (9µm, 6µm, 1µm, ¼ µm) as well as silica gel can be provided.
  4. A Dosing Device, ATM Topas 101, can be used for automated dosing of polishing solutions.
  5. The lab has one fume that can be used for etching of the samples. Reflective microscopes for analyzing samples are in the material characterization lab and can be used.


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