Null ellipsometer

An automated Rudolph thin film ellipsometer (type 43603-200E, Rudolph Research, USA) equipped with a xenon arc lamp as a light source; an interference filter with UV and infrared blocking (Melles Griot, The Netherlands) for working at a wavelength of 4429 Å. The experimental setup is based on null ellipsometry in the PCSA arrangement. The components of the ellipsometer are controlled by means of the Ellipso software that automatically measures the ellipsometric angles Psi and Delta allowing the calculation of the thickness, refractive index, and adsorbed mass of the growing films. To perform experiments in liquid media a peristaltic pump (Ole Dich Instruments) is used. The temperature is controlled by means of a Julabo 5B water bath. Data analysis is performed with the Ellipsometry software by Plamen Petrov.

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