Food Characterization

  • Rotational Viscometer, Anton Paar ViscoQC300R
    Spindle: vanes V71-V74 and 6 RH spindles
    low volume sample temperature control from -45 °C to +175 °C with Peltier device
    control of sample temperature of a 600 ml beaker with water bath
  • Texture Analyser, Stable Microsystems  650H
    Needle probe
    5 Cylinder probes (Ø 2mm – 1.27cm)
    Cylinder probe with radius, Ø 36mm
    2 Spherical probes, Ø 1.27 and 2.57 cm
    Hemispherical probe
    Forward Extrusion Rig
    3 Point Bending Rig
    TTC Spreadability Rig
    Film Support Rig
    Heavy Duty Platform
    500g Capacity High Resolution Loadcell System

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