• Cytospin Centrifuge
    Shandon, Cytospin 3
  • Plate Centrifuge
    Sorwall, Legend RT
  • Tube centrifuge
    Heraeus, Multifuge 3 S-R
  • Eppendorf tube centrifuge
    Sigma 1 K 15
  • Centrifuge High Speed for harvesting cells or other preparative tasks
    Beckman Coulter, Avanti J-E with rotor for 50 or 500 ml tubes.
  • Preparative Ultracentrifuge with the maximum speed of 80.000 rpm
    Beckman Coulter, Optima XPN 80 with Rotor SW41Ti
  • Sample evaporator, ‘Speedvac’
    ThermoSavant, SPD 2030

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