Get to know your product – Focus seminar

Open Lab Skåne invites you to a seminar with focus on Material Characterisation.
Learning more about a product´s properties is an important part in R&D within most areas of industry. The techniques and methods presented at this seminar are applicable in many fields.
This is an opportunity for industry, academia and entrepreneurs to get together and meet new possible collaboration partners and discuss methods and technologies that might lead to new businesses.

WHEN: 3rd of December, 08:45 – 12:20
WHERE: Medeon Science Park, Malmö

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Sebastian Hansson, Business Development Manager
SOLVE Research & Consultancy
“New perspectives on formulation and its implications using AF4”

Vitaly Kocherbitov, Professor
Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces, Malmö University
“Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for characterization of solid and soft samples

Lisa Skedung, Project Manager and Researcher
RISE – The Swedish Research Institute
“Texture, Tribology and Touch”

Marc Obiols – Rabasa, Project & Key Account Manager, Senior Scientist
CR Competence
“Light, x-rays and neutrons: the characterization cocktail for soft matter systems”

Bo Holmqvist, CSO/ Charlott Brunmark, CSO
ImaGene – iT/ Truly Translational
“From whole animal to molecule – Multimodality imaging analyses in pre-clinical studies”

Klara Jonasson, NMR Specialist
Red Glead Discovery
“NMR spectroscopy as a powerful technique in the toolbox for analysis of organic compounds and biomolecules”

Sebastian Björklund, Lecturer
Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces, Malmö University
“Humidity scanning methods for material characterization”

Marie Wahlgren, Professor
Department of Food Technology, Lund University
“The flow of things – How to characterise your products structure”


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