• Do I pay for expertise support within Open Lab Skåne? All support from our laboratory engineers is free of charge when you use equipment within Open Lab Skåne. Training for operator license is also free of charge. Support from our researchers is free of charge up to a certain limit. Please contact us if you want to know more about available expertise support.
  • What does “Försumbart stöd” mean? “Försumbart stöd” is the calculated value of the support that companies receive free of charge within Open Lab Skåne. Before a company receive support they will sign a form called “Intyg om Försumbart stöd” with the estimated value of the support. According to EU regulations, a company may not receive more than 200 000 euro in “Försumbart stöd” during a period of three years.
  • Will I be guaranteed expertise support from your researchers at Open Lab Skåne? To be able to give support you need to have a question or an issue that our researchers are able to address. We have an initial meeting where we make an assessment if we can help you or not. Therefore, you are not automatically guaranteed expertise support.
  • Is there a price list for all equipment? Each site has a price list for available equipment and laboratories. Please contact us for current prices for equipment and laboratories.
  • Is Open Lab Skåne only for companies within life science, food engineering, material science and chemistry? Open Lab Skåne support companies from all different fields but our expertise is within life science, food engineering and material science & chemistry i.e., we can only provide help within these areas.
  • Does Open Lab Skåne provide business development support? Open Lab Skåne cannot provide business support but we have a close collaboration with regional organisations that can support entrepreneurs and companies. Read more here.

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